From discovering new species of frogs in South America to monitoring water flow in caves in New Mexico, the EasyLog range of data loggers has seen plenty of action across the globe. As the environment is such a key topic in the current political climate, and as technology evolves with it, with application requirements metamorphosing constantly, it is important that data logging systems record and measure data accurately. 

Lascar Electronics’ EL-SIE-6+ data logger hopes to match that demand. The new data logger under the EasyLog brand is available in five additional models and can measure ambient temperature, humidity, and pressure. The new and unique feature to the EL-SIE-6+, designed by Lascar’s team of software engineers, is its self-contained software: this means that you can connect it to your PC or Mac computer and configure, analyse data, and generate graphs in your web-browser, all without the need for internet access.

“I think we put much emphasis on user-friendliness,” said Andres Santana, software engineer of PA-Based Lascar Electronics: “You don’t need to download anything extra to configure it; any internet browser will do. You can start using it at pretty much the click of a button.”

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