Scalable, robust, multi-touch HMI enables Industrial IoT (IIoT) solutions for Smart Automation

Kontron announces Kontron FusionClient, its latest generation of powerful HMI solutions, a crucial part of Kontron’s IIoT ready Industrial Computer Platform family.
Intuitive multi-touch access to real-time actionable data makes FusionClient well suited for use with real-time SCADA and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) monitoring and control applications. Holistic, single pane of glass views of the entire production process across individual or multiple sites will lead to increased productivity and more informed and timely decision making.
Users will also enjoy easier and more precise operation of machinery and applications, with and without gloves, thanks to the specification of Projective Capacitive Touchscreen (PCAP) technology and support of a wide range of touch gestures. The FusionClient is also prepared for gesture recognition which enables a direct user interaction without touching.
With the growing importance of sharing Operational Technology (OT) Data with on-premise or cloud-based Enterprise IT Systems, and to meet the requirements for comprehensive data visualisation, FusionClient is WiFi-enabled for seamless connectivity with plant machinery and other connected devices on the plant floor. The unique placement of the FusionClient’s WiFi antennas directly behind the glass front  ensure full bandwidth even if the FusionClient is mounted in a cabinet door.
Equipping FusionClient with an innovative LED alarm bar for providing machine status alerting even when the display is dimmed, is a further example of Kontron’s commitment to ensuring an enhanced user experience and increased productivity when conducting real-time data acquisition and monitoring.
As part of Kontron’s IIoT ready Industrial Computer Platform family, FusionClient automatically benefits from Kontron’s inherent and innovative  ‘wartungsfrei’ (maintenance-free), modular and scalable design architecture. This offers customers maximum product availability, reliability, and reduced TCO/lifecycle management while providing total flexibility for easy customisation and upgrading to future processor generations. The first members of the FusionClient family will be powered by Intel®  latest generation Atom processors.