Motorman and Power4Net hybrid connectors from TE Connectivity can now be found at TTI, Inc. The company’s Motorman connector allows for decentralised automation and can lead to a more efficient, energy-saving industrial production line. Whilst the company’s Power4Net connector is ideal for machine automation ­applications that require a higher ­performance data connection.

The hybrid connector eliminates the need for multiple cables and connectors by offering a solution that integrates signal and power transmission with two high speed Ethernet communication sockets.

The device offers the full benefits of real-time automation control, while reducing cabling complexity. A compact design ­allows for efficient use of space and the robust ­contact system minimises the ­effects of impact and vibration.

All contacts may be mounted selectively allowing for design flexibility. The sealing element offers IP65 protection and covers cable diameters from 13 to 17mm. The company’s hybrid connector has been ­designed for use in applications such as I/O connector for decentral and AC servo motors, drivers (amplifiers) as well as ­industrial packaging, assembly, woodworking or food processing machines.

The Power4Net connector is durable and of a high quality and so is ideal for real-time Ethernet applications in industrial ­automation applications.

VARAN-bus standard compatibility means the connector is especially suitable for use in the moulding industry, as it ­enables quicker change-over time for moulds, potentially reducing installation time by up to 50 percent as fewer cables and connectors have to be installed.

TTI, Inc.