With the new thermomodule M-TDC 8, IPetronik introduces its first thermo device with TDC (thermo direct connect) technology, which allows the plugless contacting of measuring point and module. The sensor cable is inserted directly into the module, contacting and interlocking automatically. This fast and easy method saves precious time when setting up measuring points and sensors, and further improves the workflow.

The contacting of sensor cables and plugs is still a complex and time-consuming process. Both wires have to be connected to the screw contacts of the plugs by hand. The risk of measurement errors is high, e.g. due to the reverse polarity of the wires. For this reason, IPetronik has developed a new form of contacting in the form of the eight-channel M-TDC 8 that provides a precision contact head, in which the pear-shaped sensor cable is inserted. Special needle adapters establish the contacting and automatic interlocking.

The asymmetrical cable cross-section assures reverse polarity protection – the sensor cable cannot be inserted into the module with the wrong polarity. In addition to that, the cables are coated and insulated with a durable and electrically insulating Teflon-based material, resistant to aggressive media as well as heat and cold; it can be used in environments ranging from -190 to +260 degrees.

The new system offers solutions for existing sensor systems using subminiature thermo plugs with contact plates as well. The M-TDC adapter connector developed for these plugs also provides the needle contacting system and an automatic latching mechanism.

The M-TDC 8 is developed for engine compartment applications, but can be installed almost everywhere due to its compact design. It has eight thermocouple measurement inputs, type K (NiCr/NiAl), and meets all quality requirements (protection class IP65, shock and temperature resistance). Measurement inputs, CAN interface, module supply, and casing are galvanically isolated. The module fits seamlessly into the IPetronik hard- and software infrastructure; form and casing match the M2 family so that the M-TDC can be operated in every system chain.

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