For fast connection without the fuss, an IP68 connector version has been added to Harwin’s HotShoe connector range.

These devices are available in standard 8, 12 and 16 way versions and feature spring-loaded contacts which are described as particularly useful in maintaining a positive contact force against the mating half of the connector. This is said to be an important factor to ensure reliable connection under the most demanding of conditions.

This particular connector range from the company is designed to provide a high degree of resistance to dust, water, and chemical ingress – with the latest IP68 versions also being dust tight and are able to provide protection against total and continuous submersion in water to a depth of 1.5 meters for two hours.

The design build of the devices uses highly durable plastics to ensure they are very robust. As a result this enables the connectors to  provide continued reliability throughout a product’s entire lifecycle.

These connectors are suitable for harsh environment applications and use in portable equipment where separate battery modules are used, for data transfer docking stations, and for battery charging and data communications equipment. Other applications include thermal imaging cameras, in-vehicle detachable equipment, and hand-held scanners