In harsh environments, RJ45 connectors are exposed to particularly high stress. The climatic conditions in which connectors have to work without problems are very different: extreme heat, fine sand in the vicinity of desert areas, extremely low temperatures in mountains, humidity and corrosion on the open sea.

For these applications Conec offers a versatile RJ45 connector system with a Cat 5e and Cat. 6A performance that ensures reliable protection and easy connection possibilities, even in harsh environmental conditions and industrial applications.

The new RJ45 IP67 connectors supplement the product portfolio by a variant with square flange to be used for front and back panel mounting for thicknesses up to max. 3.2 mm. Gasket and mounting hardware are available as accessories.

The housing with bayonet locking is made of nickel-plated zinc die-cast.

The device offers front or rear panel mounting up to wall thicknesses of 3.2mm with  bayonet locking and is Zinc die-cast nickel plated. It offers RJ45 Cat. 5e Inline coupling unshielded or shielded and RJ45 Cat. 6A Inline coupling shielded.

The devices are available as a set with protection cap along with IP67 protection in mated condition or with protection cap.

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