Reliable face authentication, improved photo functions and authentic augmented reality experiences: 3D depth sensors assume a key role in smartphones, and for applications that rely on accurate 3D image data. In light of this, Infineon has collaborated with software and 3D Time of Flight system specialist pmdtechnologies ag to develop a simultaneously small and powerful 3D image sensor, presenting it at CES in Las Vegas. The new REAL3 single-chip solution measures at 4.4 x 5.1mm and is the fifth generation of successful time-of-flight deep sensors from Infineon. In addition to its small dimensions, which allow it to be incorporated into even the smallest devices with just a few elements, the chip provides a high resolution of data at little cost to power consumption.

“The REAL3 chip is robust, reliable, powerful, energy efficient and at the same time, decisively small,” says Andreas Urschitz, president of the power management and multimarket division at Infineon, which also includes sensor business: “We see great growth potential for 3D sensors, since the range of applications in the areas of security, image use and context-based interaction with the devices will steadily increase.” 

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