These CEE Form power connectors from In2Connect are available as field attachable units with screw contacts.

IEC 60309 power connectors protect against splash or short-term immersion and are available from In2Connect as cable plugs, square flanged male inlets, angled male inlets, cable in-line sockets, square flanged panel/wall mount sockets, angled wall sockets and sockets mounted on distribution boxes or cable reels.

They are based on the IEC 60309 specification, (formerly IEC 309 and CEE17, also published by CENELEC as EN 60309), an international standard from the IEC for “plugs, socket-outlets and couplers for industrial purposes”, and are intermateable with those from other manufacturers.

IEC 60309 connectors are popular for external use because they’re available in IP44 (splash-proof) and IP67 (waterproof) variants. Key features include: 

  • Built to IEC60309-2, DIN VDE 0-623
  • No of screw contacts – three, four, and five
  • Compact, robust design for extreme environments
  • Water resistant to IP44 or IP67
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Voltage and frequency coded – by colour of connector body
  • Cable gland and sealing, strain relief and protection against kinking

In2Connect’s CEE Form power connectors operate according to the following specifications:

  • Contact – Brass
  • Contact plating – Nickel
  • Housing – High quality polyamide PC, PA66
  • Insert – PA66 + GF
  • Sealing ring – silicon rubber, natural rubber
  • Screw terminal type contacts

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