Ideal Networks has launched LanTEK IV, a copper and fibre cable certifier with its own, unique method. Providing faster test times, LanTEK IV can conduct and save a Cat6A test within 7 seconds, assisted by the intuitive user interface and high resolution touchscreen. 

“For years, some technicians have believed there is only one choice in this category, but LanTEK IV offers another way, making the job faster, easier and more profitable,” says Tim Widdershoven, MD for Ideal Networks: “This is not just a ‘re-badging’ exercise but an entirely new, future-proof approach to cable certification.”

For example, the tough new LanTEK IV cable certifier can connect to Wi-Fi and to the new Ideal AnyWARE Cloud test management system to enable real time collaboration between Project Managers and Field Technicians.  This new functionality enables project information and test setup to be pre-configured, saving time and eliminating potentially costly setup errors.  Ideal AnyWARE Cloud also makes it quicker and easier to prepare and share reports for customers and warranties.

“With enhanced connectivity, LanTEK IV also makes ‘live support’ possible,” explains Tim:  “Colleagues, cable manufacturers and our technical support team can all connect to LanTEK IV remotely, helping to increase collaboration, minimise troubleshooting time and reduce call-backs.”

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