EGE has extended its DGC line of hydrostatic level meters, adding a new sensor for measuring liquid media levels up to 20 m. The sensor consists of a measuring head with integrated electronics and an IP68 probe attached to a cable. The cable is up to 20 m long to ensure the probe can be lowered to the bottom of large tanks. The electronics unit is enclosed in a rugged stainless-steel housing with a G¾ thread for attachment, for instance on the tank cover. A line of LEDs integrated in the measuring head indicates the level at a glance. The sensor requires a 24 V DC supply. It can be used in ambient or media temperatures from -20 °C to +75 °C. Measured values are transmitted via a 4…20 mA output.

The new DGC hydrostatic level meter measures liquid media levels up to 20 m



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