The smart home: designed to make life easier through increased connectivity. As everything joins this network, HOPPE looks towards electric handles, collaborating with ZF, using their energy harvesting technology for a secure and energy efficient solution: the eHandle ConnectHome. 

The new window handle expands the product range at HOPPE as an entry-level model to detect the status of a window: open or closed. With ZF’s energy harvesting generator, HOPPE’s new RF window handle is simple to retrofit, without the overbearing weight of batteries; it’s the rotational movement of the handle that generates enough energy to send an RF signal. The information is then transmitted wirelessly to a central control unit which can be programmed, for example, to automatically regulate the temperature of the house as the windows are open. 

For the new eHandle ConnectHome, HOPPE relies on a module consisting of a monostable generator and an RF board, both produced by ZF. The generator is based on an inductive principle, resulting in the aforementioned generation of RF energy by the mechanical actuation of the handle incorporating ZF’s switch – the data transfer is then completed wirelessly, using the EnOcean RF protocol. 

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