A new range of Program 1056 hinges, available from EMKA, provide 180° opening with screw-on and lift-off features. This makes cabinet production much easier where frames and door panels are produced in different facilities – in addition fixing with the company’s 2D nuts greatly aids rapid door alignment.

The hinges are specifically designed to aid installation for a much easier integration process. They feature stainless steel hinge pins making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor equipment and are stocked in a range of sizes from 40x40mm up to the size of 60x60mm.

The hinges’ lift-off configuration matches the existing 1056 range and is able to either complement existing installations or be refitted in to a design to add the benefits of quick door removal for equipment access.

The company’s range of enclosure hardware includes electronic locking systems, stainless steel hinges, spanner locks, wing handle/locks, 19 inch cabinet locks, HVAC locks and profile sealing strips for enclosure sealing in natural rubber, EPDM, neoprene and PVC.

On the company’s website there is access to downloadable 3D CAD files and any part or the entire EMKA product catalogue is also accessible.