For a quarter of a century, the “CAMTEC” brand is synonyms for high-precision and laboratory power supplies now. The CAMTEC Power Supplies GmbH, based in the Black Forest in the Southwest of Germany, offers those up to the KW range, as well as other particularly robust power supply components and battery chargers. Whether tunnels, railroad signalling systems, power plants or refineries: the power supply components of Camtec Power Supplies GmbH from the Black Forest, are chosen worldwide, wherever the requirements are exorbitantly high.

The power range of the long-term power-specialist company, goes from 10 Watt Din-Rail devices, to I- and U- programmable power supplies with up to 3 KW peak power. Arbitrarily scalable power modules for heavy-duty power requirements in even many times higher KW ranges, inrush current limiters, DIN rail DC charging rectifiers and completely wearless solid-state relays complete the portfolio. AC and DC input voltage ranges and variable frequencies between 47 and 63 Hz allow the 1 to 3-phase devices to be used worldwide.

All CAMTEC devices are developed and manufactured by 20 experienced employees exclusively in Pfinztal near Karlsruhe. In order to be able to meet the high type and technical variant diversity in predominantly only three-digit lot sizes, a highly efficient and highly variable automated production was built up there. Sales are handled by 77 distribution partners in a total of 67 countries worldwide. Around 750,000 CAMTEC devices from the Black Forest are in use around the world today. The average life span of the devices is about 16 years plus.

CAMTEC, then named “CAMTEC Systemelektronik” was founded 25 years ago by Jürgen Walter and Oliver Walter. Since the retirement of his father in 2008, Oliver Walter has been managing the family business. The decision to strategically focus exclusively on the development and manufacturing of industrial switch mode power supplies that require both, software and hardware innovation-knowledge, swas made 18 years ago. Camtec Systemelektronik became „CAMTEC POWER SUPPLIES“. Previously, even customer-specific projects in the high-performance automotive sector, including power electronics for racing and the development of microelectronics and software, were an integral part of the company’s engineering and also production portfolio.

Twenty-five years later, CAMTEC products are used at neuralgic points of particularly critical applications – mainly wherever failure would result in significant costs or risks. Just think of oil rigs, transportation facilities, rail infrastructure, building and factory automation, large industrial and petrochemical plants, as well as production facilities for the automotive industry and its suppliers worldwide.

CAMTEC has always set high standards for itself, both in terms of sustainability and production efficiency, as well as in terms of quality, complete traceability of all parts, and consistent implementation of zero-defect – and zero-failure – tolerance. The company provides availability and service guarantees of at least 10 years. Failure rates are lower than 0.003 percent. “In short, our brand promise we’re proud of for 25 years now is, that customers won‘t recognize using our components in their plant for decades“, remarks Oliver Walter, owner and Managing Director of „CAMTEC Power Supplies“ humorously.