Two new LED drivers that deliver highly accurate constant currents of between 1.5mA and 90mA and offer high-speed serial data transfer rates up to 25MHz have been released by Toshiba Electronics Europe (TEE). The 16-channel TC62D748 and TC62D749 are ideal for high accuracy control of LED modules and LED displays built around multiple LED strings.

The two new drivers are rated for output voltages up to 17V and operate from a supply voltage between 3.0V and 5.5V. Output current accuracy from channel-to-channel and IC-to-IC is ±1.5%. This allows for accurately controlled and consistent LED brightness across large multi-colour LED displays.

Based on the company’s advanced CDMOS technology, the devices deliver high-speed operation. Minimum enable pulse width (TwOE) is 25ns and typical output fall time (Tof) is 10ns. The TC62D748 has a typical output rise time (Tor) of 30ns, while the ‘high speed’ TC62D749 has a typical Tor of just 10ns.

The new ICs comprise a constant current output circuit of 16 channels. Output current for the 16 outputs can be set by a single external resistance. The ICs are available in two 24-pin SSOP packages.