Molex  has augmented its family of power products with the addition of the Nano-Fit and Ultra-Fit power connectors. These feature-rich wire-to-board connectors combine small size and optimum current density making them an ideal choice for a wide range of applications across multiple industries, including consumer/home appliance; networking and telecommunications; industrial and automotive/commercial vehicle.

“Each industry faces different power connector challenges; whether it’s same circuit size cross-mating, terminal backout cause by assembly errors or limited PCB space,” said Corey Schroeder, global product manager, Molex. “Molex solves these issues with the Nano-Fit and Ultra-Fit power connectors, which feature an optimum combination of current density, tight pitch and row spacing to enable delivery of more power per linear and square millimetre than other competitive power products in the industry.”

The compact Nano-Fit 2.50mm pitch connectors are rated for up to 4.0A: “Delivering up to 69% PCB space savings over similarly rated connectors currently available, Nano-Fit connectors provide the smallest comparable fully-isolated header in the market,” says Schroeder.

With a 3.50mm pitch, the Ultra-Fit power connectors support 12.0A power; as Schroeder explained: “By achieving a 20% smaller footprint compared to similar power connectors, Ultra-Fit connectors offer our customers significant PCB space savings with class-leading current density.” 

Both the Nano-Fit and Ultra-Fit power connectors offer the premium housing features of the proven Micro-Fit, Mini-Fit and Mega-Fit connector systems, such as positive locking polarized housings with fully isolated headers. Colour-coded and mechanical-keyed housings mitigate the risk of mis-mating and an optional TPA (Terminal Position Assurance) retainer significantly reduces terminal backout. In addition, the ultra-low mating force eases assembly and helps minimise operator fatigue when mating numerous high-circuit connectors.

The positive lock housing ensures that mated connector assemblies will not accidentally disengage, while the fully isolated header protects the terminals from potential damage during handling and mating.