A family of high-voltage LLC power supply ICs has been developed by Power Integrations, that incorporate the controller, high- and low-side drivers, and both MOSFETs into a single package. The integrated HiperLCS ICs optimise design capability either for high efficiency – with a maximum efficiency of more than 97 percent – or for size, by leveraging high-frequency operation (up to one MHz) to minimise transformer size and output capacitor footprint.

LLC converters have long found consistent preference in high-power topologies for applications such as PCs and server power supplies, TVs, and LED streetlights due to their high efficiency and ability to produce compact power supplies; however, designing with them is not easy. The new ­devices target this challenge by providing all of the required functions in a single IC – eliminating up to 30 discrete and passive components in the process – which in effect streamlines the design cycle, saving board space, reducing assembly costs, and increasing reliability.