A new small Form-factor Pluggable Plus (zQSFP+) interconnect solution has been developed by Molex Incorporated. The z-Quad is designed for high-density applications found in telecommunications, data networking, test and measurement and medical diagnostic equipment. The devices support next-generation 100 Gbps Ethernet and 100 Gbps InfiniBand Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) applications and are designed to accommodate stacked and ganged connector configurations in extremely high-density requirements.

The company’s zQSFP+ SMT EDR application consists of four lanes of high-speed differential signals with proven data rates of 25 Gbps and capable data rates of 40 Gbps. The preferential coupling design uses insert moulding to support a narrow edge-coupled blanked and formed contact geometry to optimise electrical performance. The connector shares the same mating interface as the QSFP+ form factor, making it backward compatible with current connectors, cages and cable assemblies.

The devices’ EMI cages are designed with an advanced heat-sink system to provide a high level of heat dissipation for next-generation system-power levels.