Hanwell has agreed to supply one of its radio telemetry systems, to monitor and safeguard the collection at New Zealand’s famous Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT) in Auckland. 

One of New Zealand’s most popular attractions, MOTAT has acquired a collection of almost 100,000 items, including key pieces of the nation’s transportation and technology history, in a diverse arrangement of storage and display environments that require an upgraded monitoring system.

Charged with the task of implementing an improved framework to help protect MOTAT’s collection was conservation manager, Kristie Short-Traxler. Following initial research, Kristie contacted Hanwell, who then put Kristie in touch with its Australian distributor, ECE Fast, which worked with the museum team at MOTAT to establish the Synergy System, a larger alternative to the individual data logger monitors that the museum had been using. This was intended to reduce the amount of time and resources needed to gather the environmental data, as the previous loggers demanded an individual, manual download per unit. Following the success of the system installation, the museum team is now able to better monitor and manage the conditions because they can interpret, share and react to critical environmental changes more swiftly. 

Emma Prideaux, MOTAT’s conservation technician, and the team member responsible for the day-to-day operation of the equipment, said: “The convenience of Synergy’s wireless monitors has been a real highlight. We need to be mobile, so being able to collect data swiftly via a web browser, from anywhere and at any time, means we can be much more agile in our conservation efforts.”

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