Managing multinational manufacturing companies operating in multiple locations, over different time zones and frequently over several continents is a challenge. These businesses need powerful, intelligent software to monitor, control and manage operations. This is the role of FORCE, the latest and most powerful manufacturing execution software (MES) from Industry 4 pioneer Forcam. Based on the proven technology of Factory Framework the shop floor management system that has already integrated 60,000 heterogeneous machine tools and processes world-wide, FORCE provides global synchronisation.

Forcam will be providing advice, including live demonstrations, at the Hannover show on any aspect of MES implementation and how FORCE will enable the smart factory revolution. Companies such as Daimler, Audi, Borg Warner and other major manufacturing organisations are already benefitting from Forcam software technology.

Productivity gains of up to 30% can be achieved to give short pay back and provide the foundation for continuous improvement and efficiency gains. The system uses big data to simulate global operations in the cloud to provide real-time production data from all locations. Customised and totally transparent reporting ensures that data is presented in actionable format, enabling the organisation to fine tune production, giving the agility to smoothly move from production of one product to another that characterises the smart factory.

The system has the ability to integrate machines of many diverse types. This may include machines with non-standard interfaces and communication protocols or legacy equipment. Forcam, because of its vast experience, has deep knowledge of this field and has developed plug-ins to address and integrate these troublesome machine types.

Interoperability with other manufacturing and enterprise software systems was a primary goal of the FORCE development team. Real-time performance data can therefore be streamed directly into SAP, ERP, PLM, CAQ and TDM making these programmes more powerful and effective.

Data integrity and security was a priority and so the system is based in private cloud servers. This deeply enabling technology allows consented executives to access real time global factory performance data on any internet enabled device any-time, anywhere. World-wide intelligence and communication empowers managers to respond immediately to any opportunities and threats arising anywhere in the world.

The company HQ is in Germany, with operating subsidiaries providing service and support in USA. UK, China, Poland, France and Benelux countries.