November 2019 is a milestone for Foremost Electronics, the engineering-led Essex based importer and specialist distributor of electromechanical components, as they celebrate 30 years of Electronic Component sales in the UK.


Foremost Electronics was founded in 1989 as a direct importer and specialist distributor of switches, keypads, joysticks, connectors and other electro-mechanical products. They represent a truly global supplier base of more than 20 manufacturers from around the world, having strong partnerships with companies including Schroff, NKK Switches, Binder, Thermodisc and Elma.


Their product offering is niche, that includes the E-Mech sector and products suitable for extreme conditions, fitting for military and aerospace customers and provide commercial grade components for less arduous applications. 


Opening their doors for the first time on November 21st 1989 Foremost had sales of £10,000 in their first month. They started life with a predominately electromechanical product portfolio including MEC switches, C&K switches, CH Joysticks, Accord Keypads, Marquardt switches, Foremost was also part of the Quiller network of distributors and a Roxburgh distributor. 


Foremost helped weather the recession of the early 90’s and has maintained a steady growth over the subsequent years, leading the way in specialist component distribution. They provide a winning a mix of extensive knowledge about the requirements of the UK electronics market, the capability to source high quality components, the flexibility to take advantage of new technologies and markets and the ability to provide customer specific modifications using the latest 3D modelling.


Alan Cook, MD of Foremost Electronics, comments, “After thirty years of effort we have a very well established place in the UK electronic component distribution market and are looking forward to new opportunities in markets such as 5G and the advances in AI, IIOT, robotics, 4K/8K broadcast, electric vehicles, smart grid, autonomous cars and more. Our success has been made possible by knowing our strengths and our place in the market, offering incomparable customer service and having the wholehearted support of an outstanding team whose hard work has helped us achieve our goals. Without them, we would not be where we are today.”


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