Keysight Technologies has introduced the first power analyser that combines accurate power measurements and touch-driven oscilloscope visualisation capability in a single instrument. The Keysight IntegraVision power analyser makes it easy for R&D engineers who are designing and testing electronic power conversion systems to access dynamic views of current, voltage and power so they can see, measure and prove the performance of their designs.

Engineers working on electronic power conversion systems need high-accuracy measurements to identify and characterise incremental efficiency improvements in devices such as power inverters or converters, universal power supplies, battery systems, vehicle and aircraft power systems, lighting systems/electronic ballasts and appliances. While some of today’s power analysers offer adequate measurement accuracy, they are cumbersome to use and lack the ability to characterize power consumption under dynamic conditions. Previously, engineers needed a power analyser to make accurate measurements and an oscilloscope to visualise repetitive and single-shot events such as turn-on and occurrences of transients. Eliminating a separate oscilloscope in the measurement setup decreases test complexity and reduces configuration time.

The Keysight IntegraVision power analysers are ideal for R&D engineers who want to quickly and interactively measure AC and DC power consumption, power conversion efficiency, operational response to stimulus and common AC power parameters such as frequency, phase and harmonics – all with 0.05% basic accuracy and 16-bit resolution. The power analyser enables engineers to characterize power consumption under highly dynamic conditions with 5-M samples per second digitizing speed and 2-MHz bandwidth.

“With power analyser accuracy and scope-like waveform visualisation in a single instrument, IntegraVision power analysers make it significantly easier for R&D and design validation engineers to pinpoint and fix problems or optimise the power efficiency of their designs,” said Kari Fauber, general manager of Keysight’s Power and Energy Division. “If engineers can use an oscilloscope, they already know how to use this instrument, so the learning curve is minimal. With the touch screen, power measurements are no longer time consuming and tedious.”

The IntegraVision power analyser allows engineers to address multiple test scenarios with the flexibility of wide-ranging, isolated inputs up to 1,000 Vrms (Cat II). The instruments offer external sensor inputs and 2-Arms and 50-Arms direct current inputs, standard on all channels. The external sensor input supports current probes and transducers up to 10-V full scale.


The IntegraVision power analyser features a space-efficient footprint and allows engineers to:

o         Visualise transients, in-rush current and state changes with a high-speed digitiser that captures voltage, current and power in real time

o         Analyse power losses in the time and frequency domains using full Nyquist-based computations

o         Gain new insights by viewing parameters on the large, high-resolution, touch-screen display

The user interface of the IntegraVision power analysers is based on technology from Keysight’s InfiniiVision 6000 X-Series oscilloscope, including its 12.1-inch multitouch capacitive touchscreen with pinch, zoom and scroll capabilities. Keysight’s development of the user interface was guided by extensive feedback from engineers. The result is an intuitive user experience that enables engineers to gain measurement insight with the IntegraVision power analyser within minutes.