The combination of the interconnection of industrial plants/equipment and the impending 5G networking revolution, demands an enclosure that can withstand the higher usability that these amalgamated concerns will impose. Fibox’ ARCA wall-mounted enclosures could well be the answer to those concerns, designed to provide optimal protection for radio modems and other telecommunications devices. 

The enclosure is built from a glass-fibre enforced polycarbonate, a material that proves durable yet reliable, requiring minimal maintenance. The significance of this material is its transparency: radio waves can pass through unhindered, so that no special measures are necessary when integrating Wi-Fi or other radio applications: devices can simply be installed inside the housing, without openings for antennas. This eliminates the need for machining and sealing enclosures just to feed through antennas.

The internal housing capabilities of the enclosure reduce the risk of damage, such as through vandalism, as a result of accidents, or even preventing EMC interference: the overall shielding of the electronics in the ARCA cabinet mounts a defence against that. Weighing over half of what same-sized metal versions weigh, they are equally suitable for harsh, demanding indoor and outdoor applications, even withstanding ambient temperatures in the range of -40 to +80 degrees Celsius. 

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