FiberSource now offers Active-S Humidity Control Sheets, a maintenance-free alternative to desiccants, heaters, dehumidifiers, thermostats, hygrotherms, hygrostats, and corrosion inhibitors, preventing the infiltration of excessive moisture into respective cabinets, enclosures, and cases. Originally developed to protect the sensitive in-field equipment of a Japanese telecom provider, the sheets are easy to apply and ideal for tight and hard-to-reach spaces, as well as curved surfaces. 

Although cabinets and enclosures are designed to protect sensitive components and systems, it can be challenging to prevent moisture from collecting and forming condensation, even in sealed enclosures. Opening and closing doors for maintenance, factory washdown applications, and temperature fluctuation can create condensation that may lead to adverse effects such as the corrosion of components, suppressed component performance and potential health and safety risks via sparking. 

In response, Active-S Humidity Control Sheets are made of a macromolecule polymer, which is a super-absorbent material that “breathes,” providing an active exchange of absorption and release. When humidity in the enclosure is high, the humidity control sheet absorbs the excess moisture, reducing humidity levels inside the cabinet. But when the cabinet becomes dry, the sheet “breathes out” the moisture, maintaining relative humidity at or under 60 per cent in the cabinet.

“Active-S Humidity Control Sheets have proven their dependability and value time and again in ten years of field application,” says Brian DiMarco, president, FiberSource: ”More than 1.6 million pieces are installed in connection terminal boxes and protection devices, and their track record is excellent – so much so that they’ve been endorsed repeatedly by contractors in the telecommunications industry in Japan.”

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