Fastly reports expanded adoption of its edge offerings and services across leading European media and entertainment brands. This comes at an opportune time for the market, as gaming, streaming, breaking news and other speedy media software services are all at points of high-density in an internet driven world: the need to support these high volumes is welcome to Fastly and its customers, such as Paradox Interactive, PRISA, RCS MediaGroup, and ZEIT ONLINE.

Lag and latency can prove deadly to those hoping to successfully serve a global customer base, as media companies leverage new services and technologies to help them scale and monetise new digital models. This evolution has allowed more viewers, gamers and readers to access media content, but higher traffic can also lead to a host of user experience issues, including challenges associated with a sudden influx of traffic requesting the same source. Fastly’s modern network architecture and edge capabilities, like request collapsing and load balancing, help large and growing media companies support live and high volume traffic, even during spikes such as the manifest cases of breaking news, prime gaming windows, or a big sporting event. Specifically, Fastly’s Media Shield continues to bolster performance and availability, by caching more content in high-density data centres, thereby reducing startup times and playback interruptions. Media Shield – a multi-CDN deployment optimisation service that sits between a company’s CDN deployments and its central cloud or on-premise infrastructure – also reduces egress costs and total cost of ownership (TCO) by eliminating extraneous requests.

“Providing our customers with optimal viewing experiences is a top priority for us,” said Jorge Martin Ibarra, CTO/CIO at PRISA: “We found Fastly’s Instant Purge and DevOps capabilities, in addition to their impressive dedication to tech support, attractive in this pursuit. Our developers now enjoy the benefits of instant configuration changes and real-time control, allowing us to deliver the high-quality experience our customers have come to rely on us for.”

“There have never been greater demands on media and entertainment companies to deliver dynamic content in the moment,” comments Fastly’s general manager of EMEA, Gonzalo de la Vega: “That’s why we’ve been focused on providing the fast, efficient, and scalable infrastructure media companies require to deliver high-quality experiences. The edge of the internet is the best place to unlock these capabilities, where fewer but more powerful points-of-presence prove much more effective than thousands of scattered data centres.”

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