Excelfore, specialist in automotive data management, announces the eDatX platform for data driven artificial learning, benefitting error recognition, predictive analytics and algorithm advancement. A point of importance is its integration with eSync Compliant automotive OTA and data gathering pipelines. Overall, the architecture constructed is hoped to weave together data from any number of sensors and controllers in the employed car. 

Shrinath Acharya, CEO at Excelfore, said: “Handling data effectively can lead to savings in the accelerated development of many advanced automotive technologies, such as electric vehicle powertrain optimisation, serving as an essential foundation for HPC (High Performance Computing), for ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) and autonomous driving. The eDatX platform provides the data aggregation capabilities needed to deliver successful, cost-effective projects.”

The eDatX platform may also be applied in industrial and smart building applications, where typical sensors could include photo/light detectors, occupancy sensors, air quality and internal temperature sensors.

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