Epson and Rohde & Schwarz have unveiled their joint development of a new test procedure, designed to measure power supply noise rejection, in an attempt to relax common signal integrity design challenges (the prominent issue being the way that jitter negatively impacts the bit error rate). The companies will introduce and demonstrate the procedure, and the summarised data from Epson’s SG3225EEN low noise differential crystal oscillator measured by the FSWP phase noise analyser from Rohde & Schwarz at DesignCon 2020, Santa Clara, California from January 28-30. The procedure, and the companies paper on this, will propose measurement techniques to quantify power supply noise’s contribution to jitter, using commonly available test and measurement equipment.

“Epson is committed to manufacturing differentiated products that bring value to customers,” said Masaru Sato, director of marketing and sales, microdevices, Epson America: “Epson is excited to share our expertise with the design and signal integrity community alongside Rohde & Schwarz at DesignCon, and beyond. Working with Rohde & Schwarz allows us to provide customers the tools needed to design, prototype and manufacture next-generation solutions.”

Epson’s SG3225EEN crystal oscillator hopes to deliver sub-100 femtosecond phase jitter performance, to subsequently enable the low bit error rates required for ever-increasing data rates in today’s networking equipment. The unique combination of low phase noise, small form factor and power supply noise rejection (PSNR) helps solve signal integrity challenges in real-world systems deployed in today’s networks.

On the other end of the spectrum, the R&S FSWP phase noise analyser and VCO tester offers simultaneous phase noise and amplitude noise measurements, based on a digital demodulation concept. With this, it is intended to offer intense phase noise sensitivity to low jitter devices like oscillators. 

Sebastian Richter, vice president of the market segment industry, components, research & universities at Rohde & Schwarz, says, “Rohde & Schwarz always strives to create new test solutions that are characterised by a high measurement performance, compact setup and user-friendly operation. We are excited to collaborate with Epson and together present this measurement technique to the whole industry.”

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