Nexus Industrial Memory is now supplying the new CryptoAuthentication line of memory tokens. The line comprises four products; the IAT4.5Kb, the IAX4.5Kb, the IAT10.5Kb and the IAX10.5Kb. All are suited to embedded systems that require ‘cyber robust’ removable memory devices for applications that include the transfer of passwords (or other data needed for user authentication purposes) or for the physical transfer of security keys, certificates, sensitive data or system configuration files.

At the heart of all devices in the CryptoAuthentication line of memory tokens is a Microchip CryptoAuthentication high-security hardware IC. Its features include a unique and non-changeable 72-bit serial number (set by Microchip), 512bit one-time programmable (OTP) zone, a random number generator, and a SHA-256 hash algorithm for data encryption.

Michael Barrett, managing Ddrector of Nexus Industrial Memory, comments: “Datakey CryptoAuthentication tokens combine the best of both worlds, namely silicon geared for high security applications and a rugged form factor that makes them ideal for use in harsh environments. Nexus is pleased to be supplying these tokens, and our highly experienced specialists are on hand to help customers make their applications, such as user authentication and access control, as reliable and as secure as possible.”

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