Auerbach. In recent years, the topic of sustainability has gained enormous importance throughout ZF. Our greatest impact worldwide lies in the technologies we provide.

Energy harvesting technology is part of this commitment to provide an alternative solution to an ever-increasing world of smart home technology, building automation and industrial installations.

ZF’s battery-free and wireless RF pushbutton module is now being celebrated with the launch of ZF’s stamp ‘Energy Harvesting by ZF’.  Partners can use ZF’s new stamp to help market their products using the compact generator by highlighting their commitment to a sustainable technology.

Wireless. Battery-free. Maintenance-free.

A tiny and compact generator (20.1 x 7.3 x 14.3 mm) produces enough energy by pressing the button by means of induction, so that it can reliably transmit RF commands to a paired receiver. As a wireless solution it guarantees flexibility and the possibility to retrofit easily according to individual requirements.

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