Everyone is talking about the Internet of Things. The industrial sector is hoping that greater networking will improve working processes. Cars that communicate with each other could lead to enhanced and more efficient traffic management, while household appliances could be conveniently controlled when on the move. However, security is one of the biggest challenges. From November 11th – 14th, exhibitors at electronica will present the latest security solutions for the networked era. Security will also be one of the main topics at the forums and conferences that will take place alongside the trade fair.
The semiconductor industry is playing a key role in the success of the Internet of Things. Its products and solutions are helping to ensure that the processes run as quickly, smoothly and reliably as possible. The CEO Roundtable on the morning of the first day of the trade fair will therefore feature a discussion entitled “Internet of Things: Possibilities, Challenges and the Question of Security”. Carlo Bozotti from STMicroelectronics, Rick Clemmer from NXP, Gregg A. Lowe from Freescale and Dr. Reinhard Ploss, CEO of Infineon, will take part in the discussion.
Security solutions for networked companies 
Many companies are concerned about the risks of using networked systems and are worried that they cannot judge what security measures are actually needed. Experts will provide tips on the subject at the electronica Forum on Tuesday, November 11th from 14:00 until 15:30. The forum will start with a presentation entitled “An introduction to cyber security – what are the risks for companies?” In addition, two speakers will talk about “How companies can prepare for hacking attacks with weakness analyses and security reviews” and how to put in place a suitable security concept in reality.
Secure products for end customers
If the smart home becomes reality and wearable products as well as networked medical devices become even more commonplace in private settings, security will become a key consideration. “End-users are not only asking for more features and flexibility, but they are also expecting a high level of trust in their systems. At electronica, this is illustrated by our mobile payment reference design demo, which meets the stringent PCI-PTS requirements, and the authentication capability of our NFC temperature patch”, explained Christophe Tremlet, security segment manager, at Maxim Integrated.
Smartphones, tablets and wearables are all based on the same hardware. TQ Systems will demonstrate how important the right interaction between the hardware platform and software (embedded system) is for the security of Internet-capable devices. The company will present systems based on ARM modules as well as ones with an Intel Atom core expanded with on-board security controllers or security software.  The topic of “security in embedded systems” will also feature during a discussion headed by Electronic Specifier at the electronica Forum on Wednesday, November 12.
Networked mobility – from the traditional car to the “connected car”
If the cars of the future are able to communicate not only with the driver but also with other cars and intelligent transportation systems or even operate autonomously, the automotive industry will need to address new security requirements. On Monday, November 10th, the electronica automotive conference will deal with these issues. On Wednesday, November 12th, experts at the automotive Forum will also take part in a podium discussion looking at how the increasing importance of software for connected vehicles can be taken into account in the supply chain.