Modular kit system for multiple connectors now has a new electrical connector.

The Multiline E from Eisele has earned a reputation over the years as a robust and practical multiple and multi-media connector for connecting functional groups to robots and machines. Now, the German-based specialist for high-quality industrial connection solutions presents an additional M12 power plug for providing electrical power with the Multiline E.

Eisele introduces an additional M12 power plug for the Multiline E modular kit system. The high-performance M12 connector, which features five pins and L-coding, is designed for applications requiring high power density in a compact space. The modular system for combining compressed air, vacuum, gases, coolants, liquids, electrical and electronic signals in one connector body, therefore, now includes a new insert for voltages up to 63V AC/DC.  Designed for up to 16A per pin, the connector is shock-resistant and vibration-proof, as well as reverse polarity protected and non-twisting.

The AC/DC power plug is used for the reliable supply of power to high-power devices, such as linear drives and step motors, or as a power line for field bus modules. FKM seals and PUR extrusion enable use of the connector in all industrial applications, up to protection class IP67. A nickel-plated cast zinc threaded connection prevents the connector from accidentally opening.

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