Dialog Semiconductor has announced both the DA14531, Bluetooth 5.1 SoC, and the DA14531 module, to simplify Bluetooth product development and enable wider adoption. 

The chip, also known as SmartBond Tiny, is specifically designed to lower the costs of incorporating BLE functionality in an application, joining the industry’s desire to propel IoT towards a positive future. This arrives at the appropriate time as the popularity of wireless connectivity grows by the day: costs are expanding as a result, and Dialog’s technology intends to address these concerns. 

The DA14531, for example, makes it possible to extend wireless connectivity to applications where it would have previously been prohibitive, in terms of size, power or cost, especially those within the growing connected medical field. SmartBond Tiny will help facilitate connectivity for inhalers, medicine dispensers, weight scales, thermometers, glucose meters and more.

SmartBond Tiny and the module use just half of the energy of their predecessors, the DA14580 and DA14580-based module, as well as all other offerings currently on the market. Tiny’s power consumption ensures a long operating and shelf life, even with the smallest of batteries. The DA14531’s integrated DC-DC converter enables a wide operating voltage (1.1 to 3.3V) and can derive power directly from environmentally-friendly, disposable silver oxide, zinc air or printable batteries required for high-volume applications, such as connected injectors, glucose monitors and smart patches. 

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