Independent DC power supply manufacturer, Delta Elektronica, announces its signed agreement with test instrument and power supply specialists, Telonic Instruments, to act as its distributor in the UK. 

Established in 1959 and based in The Netherlands, Delta Elektronika manufactures DC power units, ranging from 150W to 900kW, for customers within the industry, R&D and universities worldwide. With an emphasis on longevity, a control on EMI and protection against immunity, this collates and coalesces with Telonic’s own areas of operation: supplying test instruments and AC/DC power supplies, electronic loads, safety testers and RF/EMC equipment.

Rien Giltay, sales manager at Delta Elektronika, recognises this alignment of ethos’: “Delta is delighted to appoint Telonic as distributor in the UK. We are both family companies with an empathy for the products. We felt it was only natural to partner with Telonic to enter the UK market,” he says.

Doug Lovell, managing director at Telonic Instruments, agrees: “The addition of Delta Elektronika to our linecard, complements our existing portfolio and adds more high-quality DC power supply options to our customers.”

For more information on the company, visit Telonic’s website: