The Climate Innovation Forum – the first of a series of regional UK events aimed at promoting innovations for carbon emission solutions – welcomes Delta Electronics into its midst: the company showcased its brand campaign, ‘IoT-based Smart Green Solutions to Nurture Energy Efficiency in Cities’. The basis of this campaign is to promote smart, environmentally friendly infrastructures, with Delta’s own operations saving up to 90 per cent electricity, in addition to promoting the full transition to low-carbon transportation. 

This transition has already begun. One of the most significant for the UK is the expectation that, by 2040, it could have 36 million electric vehicles and a requirement for four million public charge points. All forms of road transport – personal, public and commercial – will be affected by the move to EVs. City infrastructures will need to adapt to the need for charging points and the consequent change in energy usage. Car parks of all kinds, whether on streets, private premises, shopping malls, offices, leisure facilities or hospitality locations will be expected to provide charging points. Roadside and supermarket service stations will include fast charging facilities for those in a hurry.


As The Climate Innovation Forum 2019 set out to prove, transformative changes to how we power our vehicles in the future, will hinge on an eco-system that embraces change for good; the desired – and achievable – result being a cleaner, healthier environment for everyone. Delta is proud to participate in this significant event because its solutions help us move closer to zero carbon buildings and mobility.

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