Cyclops Electronics is one of the best electronic component supplier and distributers operating since 1990. We are a global enterprise having warehouses and Cyclops offices located all around the world. We pride ourselves having the best customer experience. Providing an easy and efficient way to search for components, our sophisticated electronic component search database enables customers to search our large stockholdings. We at Cyclops Electronics can find and deliver day-to-day, shortage, hard to find and obsolete electronic components. View our website for more information and enquire with us today

Cyclops Component Analysis System

Cyclops have a very stringent component analysis system. Our experienced team go through a unique set of procedures and techniques to authenticate electronic components that come into our premises. This is to minimise the risk of counterfeit parts entering the supply chain. As well as monitoring approved suppliers we use a two-tier system of analysis.

The first being visual component testing. We use high resolution digital photography and micro-meter testing. Marking permanency test and visual component body and Lead testing. Next our Decapsulation testing, this machine allows us to really get into the component to see if the compound die is correct – this is the only way to know if the parts are original and it doesn’t use any acids or lasers it is very eco-friendly and safe to use.

Cyclops Electronics Ltd can perform a component analysis for any OEM or CEM and provide you with photographs and documented results. Our testing service can help guard against counterfeiters and defective parts. If further electronics testing is needed, we can outsource this.

What our customers say about us is something we pride ourselves in;

Bill Howard, Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions “A friendly, efficient and competitive service which is always on hand to help out the hard-pressed Purchasing Manager. Give it to Cyclops and stop worrying!”

Arthur Li, Bosch Security Systems “A reliable partner and eager to delight customers”

Leslie Capik, Material Program Manager, Intel Corp “On an on-going basis, Cyclops provide great customer support and focus, but this week they definitely went “over and above” what we normally would expect to service our urgent needs.

Des Wenn, Cyprium “Cyclops Electronics provide a first-class service”

Cyclops Certificates and Membered bodies

Cyclops Group are trusted only by the best. This is so you know you are buying from a trusted supplier and distributer. Cyclops are a fully JOSCAR registered supplier. Cyclops are registered by the united registrar of systems recognised by holding the organisations Quality Management System in compliance with ISO 9001:2015. We are also a valued member of the ERAI and have our own 1-year guarantee on any components bought from us.

Our sister company Cyclops Excess are specialist buyers of excess electronics. Excess’s core business is buying and managing excess electronic components, including excess inventory identified for disposal. Excess pride themselves in reducing waste and helping business get rid of their unwanted stock in an environmentally and safe manner. Our tried and trusted services are used by a broad range of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEMs), Contract Electronics Manufacturers (CEMs) and Distributors, located within Asia Pacific, North America and Europe. Look at our website to find out more

Why chose cyclops excess

Immediate appraisal and removal are one of our main drivers which 90% of our clients said that they would choose excess to work with again. Not only will Cyclops Excess arrange the removal, but we will pay the transport costs too. Our fast response is also a main factor as when you send us your stocklist, we keep you updated in any developments when we assess. 90% of our clients rated our stock list assessment response time excellent or very good, giving you the peace of mind that we are working as quick and as efficiently as possible for you. We can assure you that we offer competitive prices when we buy your stock, which for your business could be a great cash injection on stock that would be sitting in your warehouse. We offer three different buying options; firstly, immediate payment, secondly, full consignment and lastly, part payment and consignment. If this still does not meet your business needs, we offer a tailored package that suits you. When you chose us to purchase your excess stock, we can guarantee you will have no future liability, giving you protection when working with us. We offer the strictest confidentiality and professionalism when you work with us.

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