CombiTac connectors can house a very wide variety of contact types in a single casing. Simplifying this, choosing which contacts to use and where to place them has become much easier with Stäubli’s upgraded configurator tool.

This intuitive online service can be accessed from any web browser, and enables designers to quickly and easily build up a CombiTac connector to meet their precise requirements. Realistic 3D simulation shows how the connector will appear, enabling users to explore the final product and review assembly dimensions.
Modules can be chosen from a wide range of contact types including power, signal, data, thermocouple, coaxial, fibre optic and bus connections, and even media such as pneumatics and hydraulics. Interactive graphical assistance is available throughout the configuration process.  
3D STEP data files and parts lists can be downloaded to simplify the design process. A transparent view of the housing enables easy monitoring of the cable connections. As an additional service, pre-assembled cables are available which allows for quick and secure installation.
For more information on the configurator, and Stäubli’s general offerings, click here.