Controllis has developed a carbon neutral site power system to help support a net zero emissions economy, established by the Paris Agreement. The new system, ‘Controllis Zero’, will allow off-grid and poor-grid sites to produce cleaner energy overall by replacing their dependency on fossil fuels with an eco-friendly biofuel alternative: mobile network operators and tower companies are hoping to overcome the final ten per cent of the CO2 emissions challenge as a result. 

This carbon-neutral status has been achieved by considering the carbon cycle process in its entirety and adapting Controllis’ generator technology to run on E100 bioethanol instead of diesel. 

According to the GSMA, there are more than one million off-grid / poor-grid telecommunication sites in use globally, which combined are generating a carbon footprint greater than countries such as Nepal, Cambodia and Cameroon. By leveraging the environmental benefits of biofuels and supporting ethically approved CO2 offsetting processes such as tree planting or renewable energy sources for remote communities, Controllis Zero is poised to help large Telco’s meet their legal, shareholder and green obligations.

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