As interconnection of industrial plants and equipment becomes ever more important and more common, and the introduction of the 5G standard drastically increases data rates, promising an even higher usability potential of wireless communication, FIBOX ARCA wall-mounted enclosures offer optimal protection for radio modems and other telecommunications devices. The control cabinets made of glass-fiber reinforced polycarbonate are extremely robust and low-maintenance. They let radio waves pass through unhindered so that no special measures are necessary when integrating Wi-Fi or other radio applications – devices can simply be installed inside the housing, without openings for antennas. This eliminates the need for machining and sealing enclosures just to feed through antennas. The absence of external antennas reduces the risk of damage due to mechanical impacts such as by vandalism or during transport. Since current EMC device standards no longer require overall shielding of the electronics in control cabinets, the once weighty argument for metal cabinets is now obsolete. At the same time, ARCA series plastic control cabinets offer considerable advantages over standard sheet-metal enclosures: they only weigh half of what same-sized metal versions weigh, they are equally suitable for harsh, demanding indoor and outdoor applications, and at comparable prices. The polycarbonate enclosures with foamed PUR gaskets feature IP66/IP67 ingress protection. They permanently withstand ambient temperatures between -40 °C and 80 °C and provide high protection against vandalism, featuring impact resistance ratings up to IK10. Dents and deformations, which were a persistent threat to the sealing performance of metal control cabinets, become a thing of the past with the switch to ARCA. Lastly, grounding is no longer necessary due to the plastic enclosures’ protective insulation.