Conta-Clip introduces its GSM-PRO2 series of communication modules, fitted with a Modbus RTU (RS485) interface for ease of data exchange with other controllers. They’re designed to provide a PLC with added GSM functionality, via an easy plug connection to the RS485 port, directly on the C-type mounting rail. 

The GSM-PRO-CON extension module from Conta-Clip makes wiring even simpler, enabling a front-access connection for the terminal to the controller. Further to this, the GSM-PRO2 parameterisation software can be programmed to send a text or email fault message to specified recipients when the status of the PLC input changes. Prompted by a text message that is sent to the GSM-PRO2 module, data is written into the PLC’s digital and analogue registers, via the Modbus RTU interface. The PLC, acting as a master, reads out the data in order to trigger the corresponding actions.

Various communication modules with, and without GPS functionality, are available for all common wireless standards up to 4G. Apps for iPhone and Android devices enable flexible monitoring and control, and provide an overview that covers the statuses of several modules, at once. Users do not need any programming skills to parameterise the modules. Firmware updates and online configuration changes can be easily carried out at any time via the GSM network, even after installing and commissioning the modules.

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