A three pole AC connector has been developed by Multi-Contact for use with micro or nano PV inverters. Designed for module level and string level applications, the MC4-EVO AC’s low profile means it can fit within the solar panel framework, allowing modules to be stacked without the use of spacers.

Its snap-fit MC4 contact system makes it quick to install and offers proven reliability in all climates, with protection against UV, salt spray and ammonia. Environmental protection is provided to IP65 and IP67 when mated, and IP2X unmated.

With a high current carrying capacity of up to 32 A, it has a rated voltage of 600 V AC (UL) and 400 V AC (IEC). Accepted cable cross-sections range from 1.5 mm2 to 4 mm2.

Its electrical performance is due to the use of MULTILAM technology, a proprietary contact system from Multi-Contact that uses torsion spring contact elements to produce multiple contact points and ensure high reliability and low contact resistance.

MC4 connectors were developed by Multi-Contact for PV applications, and their proven reliability in the field has led them to become a de facto industry standard.