When selecting an enclosure, the first consideration is the material. They can be manufactured from a range of metals and plastics, each offering different benefits and your decision must be based on the surrounding environment in which the enclosure will be situated.

Listed below are the main advantages of four popular materials for industrial enclosures to help you decide on the best option for your application.

Die-Cast Aluminium boxes are extremely versatile, they are resistant to rust and can be obtained with a higher level of ingress protection than plastics can offer; therefore, they are more appropriate for demanding environments such as marine, water treatment or leisure. The key advantage of aluminium enclosures is their EMI/RFI protection, which is essential for areas with a high level of noise pollution. Deltron Enclosures also offers a range with enhanced EMI/RFI protection after designing a seal that maintains conductivity between the lid and box, and is essential to eliminate high frequency radiated emissions. View the Deltron Enclosures die-cast aluminium boxes here.
Other benefits:
– Corrosion and rust resistant
– Lighter compared to other metals such as stainless steel
– Suitable for demanding environments
– Can be coated for added resistance

Suitable applications: Marine, water treatment, food processing, security, lighting, transportation, leisure, plus a multitude of industrial applications and more.

Aluminium Alloy LM6/GD-AlSi12 is the best choice for high corrosion resistance under all forms of atmospheric and marine conditions. Due to a very low level of copper content the material is less likely to undergo galvanic corrosion, making it a stronger alloy than LM2 because it is purer. When combined with a powder coating such as epoxy polyester hybrid, like Deltron’s own Fortis Enclosure Range, the product is guaranteed to withstand up to 1000 hours of salt spray. Overall this aluminium offers a longer product lifespan than standard aluminium. View the Deltron Enclosures Fortis boxes here.
Other Benefits:
– Extremely Durable
– Long Lifespan
– High Corrosion Resistance
– High Impact resistance
– Machinability

Suitable applications: Harsh environments including marine, ship building, rail, specialist vehicles such as road sweepers or refuse trucks, buried applications, agriculture, renewables and more.

Polycarbonate has many strengths and is the most common choice for a plastic enclosure. The main advantage is its resistance to weathering, if you require a plastic enclosure for outdoor placement, polycarbonate is an excellent cost effective option. Polycarbonate has good resistance to UV and oils, it can withstand extremely high and low temperatures and sustains high impact endurance. Just remember to select a sealed enclosure if the application is outdoors. View the Deltron Enclosures polycarbonate boxes here.
Other benefits:
– Transparent versions available
– Aesthetically pleasing finish
– Lightweight
– Excellent insulating properties

Suitable applications: Medical apparatus, test and measurement equipment, industrial automation, security camera housings, transportation, outdoor information displays and more.

ABS enclosures are typically selected as a low cost option for indoor applications. They are suitable for mildly corrosive environments due to ABS’ good resistance to chemicals, but is also sturdy with good insulating properties. Machining with ABS is simple and the enclosures can often be painted in a comprehensive range of colours, which is ideal when they need to be prominent for emergency purposes or blend in with the environment. Suitable applications: Indoor applications including industrial automation such as switches, membrane keypads and LCD displays, plus sensors, lighting, medical apparatus and more. View the Deltron Enclosures ABS boxes here.
Other benefits:
– Lightweight
– High impact resistance
– Easy to install
– Cost effective when shipping

Suitable applications: Indoor applications including industrial automation such as switches, membrane keypads and LCD displays, plus sensors, lighting, medical apparatus and more.

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