California Eastern Laboratories (CEL) will exclusively promote and sell LITEC’s RF PIN diode products in the Americas, Israel and India, as part of a new agreement between the two outlets. With CEL’s extended history of marketing RF components to these territories, this is a significant move for Litec. However, it’s not the first transnational arrangement for the company, far from it. Litec’s Pin diodes have in fact seen implementations in many commercial radio systems in Japan, for the emergency service vehicles for example. This new agreement will see Litec provide its design support to customers in the aforementioned territories. 

“CEL’s new agreement with Litec is very synergistic with the existing CEL line of RF components that we currently develop, market and sell. Our well-equipped laboratory and staff of high-level engineers are well suited to provide the same level of technical support for this new RF line, as we have done for our own RF components. The Litec RF Pin diode products add one more RF component type to further provide our customers with one-stop shopping for their RF component needs,” said Marc Sheade, VP and GM of CEL’s components business.

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