The project: 

The aim was to design and elaborate a housing for a laboratory spectrometer.  The device allows to analyse the shore hardness of metal parts. The housing had to be suitable for future serial production.

The main constraints for LTP: 

The device being “bulky”, added constraints and limitations of precision in terms of final assembly. It furthermore included an external electronic functional part, situated at the front of the device. 

Aesthetical Requests from the customer: 

Design tending to lighten the massive appearance 

The internal components must fit and be mountable in the defined volume.

Technical Requests from the customer: 

An inner tank to hold a load of 20 kg in the middle, attached to the walls of the enclosure.

A drawer that slides and must fit into the front wall when closing, with a strong aesthetic alignment constraint with the front.

Two handles to support a weight of 100 kg.

The operational section of the spectrometer must be fixed to the inner tank, with an outer part which must insure a very high horizontal stability during the metal hardness analysis.

The inner part of the housing, must ensure the electromagnetic conductivity.

Budgetary Requests from the customer: 

The given housing budget must be respected.

LTP solutions:

Aesthetical solutions for the “bulky” appearance

creating a curved shape on the front of the casing

integrating a bicolour effect

Technical solutions for the robustness of the inner tank

After thorough research, for the strength of the inner tank, we retained the solution of a folded part with a reinforced fastening system, on the internal side walls. That solution ensured highest robustness at lowest cost.

The smooth integration of the sliding drawer in the curved front face was designed according to the usual LTP methodologies for this type of operation.

The electromagnetic conductivity was insured by the application of a copper conductive paint. Given the surface, the costs of this operation were too high for the client’s budget. After analysing with the customer his electronics, constraints and objectives, we designed a selective application of the copper conductive paint.

Other design constraints and objectives have been resolved based on the experience of LTP’s technical teams.


The customer was satisfied with the design carried out, materialized by the realization of a prototype. The EMI tests carried out, were in line with his usage objectives.