Rehm Thermal Systems announces the appointment of Carsten Kramer as managing director of the US branch. With a history of managing directorial roles in thermal system and solar product industries, Kramer joins Rehm as they look to expand their operations within the USA, with focus aimed at reflow soldering solutions, proven drying systems and protective coating lines. 

“I’m looking forward to my new task as Managing Director of Rehm USA, along with the challenges accompanying this role. The American market has different needs and other requirements in comparison to the European market”, states Carsten Kramer. “The United States is a huge country. Numerous sales activities are handled via distributors, these jointly supported by the Rehm USA branch too. My first task will be to restructure the sales activities, while consolidating and extending the processes associated with our reflow soldering systems, drying systems and dispensing and coating solutions for protective coatings in North America. Special attention will be paid here to our vapour phase soldering systems of the CondensoX series, as well as the Protecto coating systems. I’m looking forward to this challenge, as the requirements regarding both the systems and processes have increased and we need to respond faster to meet customer needs.” For more information, visit: