Spectre X is the new parallel circuit simulator from Cadence, designed to optimise performance by 10x, against what was previously achievable with earlier Spectre builds. Its core function? To solve large-scale verification simulation challenges for analog, radio frequency and mixed-signal blocks and subsystems. 

What differentiates Spectre X is its proven accuracy, its distributed simulation and its faster runtime. Spectre X enables users to distribute time- and frequency-domain simulations on CPUs. Moreover, it exploits the scalability and breadth of possibilities presented to users by data centre and/or cloud infrastructures. 

As mentioned earlier, the technical performance has been improved up to 10x, for designs up to 5x larger than could previously be tackled. And yet, its not a separate update: it’s an extension of a pre-existing body of Spectre design flows, ranging from Cadence Virtuoso to Virtuoso RF Solution. It expands what is already available from Cadence, rather than limiting the technology’s capabilities to a specific design flow. 

“The Spectre X Simulator marks the next generation of trusted simulators from Cadence, providing customers with the accuracy and speed needed to complete their designs efficiently to meet aggressive time-to-market goals,” said Tom Beckley, Cadence senior vice president and general manager, custom IC and PCB Group: “We have multiple customers already using the Spectre X simulator, and they are experiencing excellent results. With its massively parallel technology, faster runtime, and greater capacity, it’s the ideal simulator for use on advanced-node, analog, RF and mixed-signal designs.”

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