Cadence, design systems specialists, announce the new JasperGold platform, as the most recent advancement in ongoing proof-solver algorithm and orchestration improvements. Implementing Smart Proof technology, for the interest of furthering verification throughput for JasperGold apps, proof speeds are set to rise by four times, regression runs by six times. 

“We measured averages of two times faster proof performance out of the box and five times faster regression runs, across our design testcases, with the new smart JasperGold platform,” states Mirella Negro Marcigaglia, Digital Design Verification Manager at STMicroelectronics: “We are also seeing non-converged properties reduced by over 50 per cent. Combined, these improvements significantly boost our verification productivity.”

This newly introduced platform promises an augmented design compilation capacity, reducing memory usage by approximately 50 per cent in the process. Parallel compilation technologies benefit this further, using available compute resources and running proofs on the cloud, to reduce data consumption. It is also hoped that JasperGold’s new IP signoff technologies, including proof-core accuracy and new, formal coverage analysis views, will positively bolster performance and scalability.

“The first-generation JasperGold platform worked on commercial formal verification and apps in the market. The second generation integrated Cadence technologies to establish formal verification with mainstream users,” reminds Ziyad Hanna, corporate vice president, fabric and formal solutions, system and verification group at Cadence: “Our third-generation smart JasperGold platform advances core formal technology, applying machine learning to achieve tangible performance and scalability benefits for our customers.’ For more info, follow this link: