A series of versatile and highly reliable CA-Bayonet connector from ITT Interconnect Solutions (ITT ICS) have been released. The devices feature a positive quarter turn bayonet locking mechanism, including an audible as well as visual control. CA-Bayonet connectors are very easy to connect/disconnect and offer a very good level of vibration protected sealing against fluids.

The connectors are designed in accordance with the VG95234 specification for use in electrical equipment of railways, trucks, off-road-vehicles, earth-moving equipment, ships, and other similar applications.

Interchangeable with corresponding MIL-C-5015 devices, the components withstand the most severe environmental conditions thanks to a rugged shell made of aluminium alloy.

An olive drab chromate coating over cadmium plating protects the surface of the shell.  Zinc cobalt plating is available as an alternative.

The devices are made of high-quality polychloroprene, with insulators that are self-extinguishing and resistant against hydraulic fluids, diesel fuel, gasoline and lubricants, as well as brake and fire extinguisher fluids.

Operating temperature range is -550C to 1250C. The contacts are made of copper alloy plated with a hard silver finish to guarantee at least 500 mating cycles.

ITT Interconnect Solutions