BlueID has launched onTouch, a functionality that supports secure, smartphone-triggered access to high-foot-traffic locations, for up to one user every two seconds.

By significantly increasing entry and exit tempo, onTouch reduces peak congestion, improves visitor and employee safety and convenience, and makes secure, traceable smartphone-triggered access commercially viable to a much wider range of applications.
In operation, onTouch works within applications that demand quick reactions: used to open doors and to pass through turnstile gates, for example, by simply touching an Android or iOS smartphone to a door or gate reader. The smartlock is activated by either NFC or Bluetooth wireless technology, and can open in about one second.
“The smartlock market is growing rapidly and while our customers already enjoy the security of our conventional app-operated solution, there is growing demand for faster access in high-foot-traffic applications,” says Kai Roemer, embedded product owner at BlueID: “With the recent upgrade to the Android operating system, to support the functionality, BlueID now offers a solution supported by smartphones, through the introduction of onTouch. BlueID’s solution is unique in its speed of operation; a user can gain access in about one second.”
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