MyDP enabled mobile devices will be able to run high-performance, multi-player console gaming on the big screen following the release of the Green Throttle Games’ Arena App and Atlas Controller that integrates a SlimPort cable from Analogix.

The genius behind this is the ability to run uncompressed 3D graphics and video to an HDTV over the simple plug and play cable. This allows for high-performance gaming at 60 frames per second, which is claimed to be double the performance of other mobile to big screen connectors.

Combined with the Arena App on a phone and the Bluetooth-connected Atlas Controller, high-performance console video gaming is now possible on any TV, anywhere you take your phone.

It’s a revolution gaming quality from a mobile device,” said Andre Bouwer, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Simply connect a SlimPort cable to any TV and enjoy big screen gaming in HD at 60Hz, all while the device continues to charge.”

 “The mobile device is the new console,” said Charles Huang, Co-Founder and CEO of Green Throttle Games. “High-speed first-person and multi-player gaming in rich 3D worlds are possible with SlimPort technology, a Google Nexus 4 and an Atlas Controller.”

This connector cable transfers Full HD resolution videos, photos, games and other media held on a smartphone that can be viewed and interacted with on virtually any size screen; and most importantly is not battery draining.

Featuring a SlimPort micro USB to HDMI 1.4 male connector, the SlimPort HDTV cable, model SP1101, is 150cm (nearly 5 feet) and supports up to 1080p resolutions, 60Hz video refresh rate, 24 bits per pixel and up to 7.1 channel HDMI audio. SlimPort

Analogix Semiconductor