BICS is providing global IoT connectivity and asset management for a new exoskeleton developed by German Bionic. The Cray X is a connected asset from the Robot-as-a-Service (RaaS) provider, for use in industrial production.

Designed to support and enhance the wearer’s movements, German Bionic’s Cray X reduces the risk of accidents and excessive strain for employees in sectors that involve repetitive but unpredictable heavy lifting. With the World Health Organisation citing musculoskeletal conditions as the leading contributor to disability worldwide, the exoskeleton is expected to have significant health benefits for thousands of industrial workers around the globe.

BICS’ SIM for Things cellular connectivity solution embeds IoT connectivity within the Cray X, enabling data to be transmitted from sensors in the body-worn suit to smart factory systems and software. Utilising machine learning, the exoskeleton learns the movements of its user and adjusts to suit each individual’s needs. Through integration with existing back-end IT, smart factory and cloud-based management systems, businesses can easily analyse employees’ lifting behaviour and identify where improvements should be made.

“The IoT is a massively diverse ecosystem, and our latest partnership with German Bionic illustrates the breadth and scope of businesses BICS is working with, as well as the dynamic and adaptable nature of our SIM for Things solution,” commented Mikaël Schachne, CMO and VP of Mobility & IoT Business at BICS. “Secure, reliable, global connectivity underpins the IoT, making collaborations between international communications enablers like BICS and IoT players, OEMs and device manufacturers crucial. Our SIM for Things can embed connectivity in almost any asset or device, equipping fleets of ‘things’ with intelligence, as well as those managing or wearing them, no matter where in the world they are.”

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