Benetel’s latest remote radio unit (RRU) hopes to ease the migration from closed proprietary interface protocol, in a further push for the adoption of emerging open standards. Supporting the open radio access network (ORAN) 1.0 interface specification, the BNTL-RAN100-3-1L RRU will encourage development, providing communication system integrators and network operators with greater system flexibility. 

The lab-oriented unit gives engineering teams access to all the core features necessary to undertake initial experiments with ORAN-based network infrastructure – particularly in relation to providing indoor cellular coverage. The BNTL-RAN100-3-1L is intended for 7.2 split front haul network implementation and has a connection data rate of 10Gbps. Running off a 12VDC supply and drawing less than 40W of power during operation, this compact (240mm x 240mm x 60mm), robust unit supports 2×2 multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) streams. It supports a 20MHz bandwidth and a +21dBm per antenna port transmission output.

“Operators and service providers are recognising the value that ORAN can bring to their future business operations, as it will allow them to break away from their current reliance on proprietary interface specifications and better attend to the actual needs of their customer base,” states Richard Houlihan, director of product management at Benetel: “Thanks to our technical staff’s unmatched expertise in analogue-mixed signal technology, this new RRU is pushing at the border of telecoms. It presents operators with a foundation upon which to check the validity of different network implementations, develop exciting new end-to end solutions, and tap into the growing ecosystem that is building up around ORAN.”

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